Knit on the Wild Side!
Introducing our Wild Goat Women Lace Yarn

This is a very fine 2-ply laceweight yarn made from a combination of 70% Pygora fiber and 30% fine Merino wool. Put up in 400 yd skeins averaging 1.9 oz (approx 30 wpi). Just enough fine wool to give memory and plenty of Pygora to show off its beautiful sheen and drape. $30.00 per dyed skein, $27.00 for natural color skeins. Multiple skein purchases: dyed $28/skein, undyed $25/skein.

Created for your lace knitting pleasure by the Wild Goat Women of the Pacific Northwest from our locally grown Pygora goats!
Colorways named for some of our very favorite places, items, and inspirations!

SILVER FALLS - Named in honor of the largest state park in Oregon, a temperate rain forest hidden in the Oregon Cascade mountain range and it's stunning falls. 6 skeins available. SOLD OUT
SADDLE MOUNTAIN - Saddle Mountain is such a gorgeous presence, a rugged, rocky backdrop to the coastal forests of northwest Oregon. 1 skein available.
AZALEA BLOSSOM - Spring in the Pacific Northwest would not be complete with the delicate flowers of the azalea. 6 skeins available.
CANNON BEACH SUNSET - Who can deny the beauty of a rich, golden sunset at Cannon Beach? Better viewed near the warmth of a crackling beach campfire! 5 skeins available.
GOLD BEACH - A coastal "banana belt" on the southern Oregon coast - this wonderful area boasts more "sun hours" than any other town on either the Oregon or Washington coasts! 6 skeins available.
PORTLAND ROSE - This colorway is named for Portland, Oregon - the "City of Roses" and numerous yarn shops! 4 skeins available.
CRANBERRY - With a nod towards the cranberry farms we pass on our drive to the beach, this color celebrates locally grown goodness! 4 skeins available.
RHODODENDRON - Another springtime favorite, this one an "in-your-face", truly glorious red. 3 skeins available.
CEDARBARK - Not only is the color similar, but so is the useage, at least in the textile world. Cedar bark has been harvested and plaited, sewn, or woven into many types of fabrics for centuries by the indigenous people of the northwest. 6 skeins available.
FOREST GROVE - A popular hangout area for the Wild Goat Women, in an area of vineyards and rich agricultural lands. 6 skeins available.
ASTORIA - The colorway celebrates the oldest American settlement west of the Rocky Mountains and it's fabulous views of both the mighty Columbia river and of the Pacific Ocean. 5 skeins available.
OCEANSIDE - Named for a quaint little Oregon coastal town where the Wild Goat Women could be seen enjoying the quiet beauty of the agate-covered beaches and that scary hillside tunnel to yet another hidden beach. 3 skeins available.
WILLAPA BAY - Known for its amazing and abundant biodiversity, Willapa Bay is also an itegral part of our beach travels! 6 skeins available.
EVERGREEN - A rich, deep green reminiscent of the forestlands surrounding our farms. 10 skeins available.
NATURAL LACEWEIGHT - This is our natural colored yarn. ($27.00/skein).

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